Design thinking


"Design thinking" is a 2-weeks Virtual Instructor Led Training. The main goal was to equip senior specialists with essential about the current methodology.

Case study

Business goal

The number of innovative projects increases by __%* as learners will comprehend the design thinking approach.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course the learner will be able to:

  • Apply the design thinking methodology overall

  • Implement each stage of the process separately to contribute to the business decisions


After the back-end analysis, we discovered that there was not a big scope of innovation recently implemented in several departments.


As an L&D team, we decided to back up this process with a design thinking approach as a model to solve complex problems.

My role

Co-author, Instructional designer, facilitator, LMS administrator


L & D manager, Talent manager, HRBP office, Department managers

Target audience

20 senior specialists


Power Point, Zoom, Mentimetr, Miro, Canva, MS Outlook, corporate LMS, OneDrive


Creating the pool of learners.

Launching campaign announcing the start of the new course for learners.

4 virtual ILTs were delivered, covering the essentials.

Extracts from the course were uploaded to the corporate LMS. (Extracts)

Follow-up campaign with the links to the LMS page with the course.


Due to the "environmental gap," learners will not be able to implement the methodology.

Learners don't have enough influence on to decision-making process. They may not be able to create a viable and influential project.

It is important to show how the Design thinking approach works even for solutions that are not "huge".

Learning analitics*

Completion Rate

Customer Satisfaction Index

Amount of participants

* Unfortunately, I am not able to share this data.

Learning journey map

The course included four live webinars, 2 hours in length each, and a practical on-the-job assignments.

If you have questions about the course, please, contact me.