Human trafficking


"Combating human trafficking" is an educational project created to raise awareness about this devastating social issue.

Case study


One of the social issues in Ukraine was involving youth and adults in modern slavery abroad or within the country. The numbers were HUGE. The IOM* collected data since 1991 and as a Nonprofit organization, we saw the need we could address.


As a part of the team I have designed Prevention and awareness project on human trafficking. We developed presentations, brochures, guides, all sorts of learning material alongside with the Instructor-led training for various audienses.

Learning objectives

By the end of this training the learner will be able to:

  • define the meaning of "Human trafficking" and

  • recognize the signs of recruitment into trafficking

  • change one's behavior into a safe mode

My role

Co-author, Instructional designer, facilitator (2010-2017)

Target audiences

School students 12-14 yo

High school students 15-17 yo

University students



Social workers

Healthcare providers

Law enforcement


Power Point, Zoom, G Suite, Adobe Ps


10k participants, 1000+ trainings, since 2010

*IOM - International organization for Migration.


If you have questions about the project, please, contact me.