About me

Hi! My name is Alla Zorenko.

Instructional designer with a project management background.

I am creating innovative learning solutions for 10 years, including training on social prevention, leadership development, and wellbeing support.

I am co-author of the training that has had an impact on 10000+ young adults in Ukraine for a decade.

Also, as a co-author, I have developed the training program that was nominated as one of the best Learning and Development program in Ukraine in 2021 within the HR community.

I am from Ukraine but almost a year ago I moved to the USA. I speak three languages and traveled to 14 countries, actually, the United States is my 14th.

Currently, I reside in Massachusetts.

My values


Instructional design is an art + technology.

It is great to know how all authoring tools work. However, the skill that will help you create a good course could be a compound of tech awareness, creativity, and professional foresight. "D" goes for design. "


As educational professionals, we should create an environment where everybody can feel and actually be included.

Not only we can promote equal opportunities in learning but also advocate for accessibility as "a must" of the educational program.


People are the main treasure we have. I don't like the word "resource" when we speak about humans.

I like to think about such verbs as "Contribute", "Cooperate", "Respect" and "Collaborate" when we talk about how to network.

Quick learning

If your company working with technologies that you did not find on the list in my portfolio, be sure I am fully capable to learn them.

I have no idea how Google Sites work until I started creating my own. I think I have made a decent one.

My Resume

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